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How to log in?

Your profile on is different from your account on 


On you have your instructor's (practitioner's) profile.


On  you created an account to register for the Instructor seminars around the world. 


On the upper right side of  you can login. Use the email address you used to register. When registering you choose a password, if you forgot it, you can click the Forgot password and re-set it.  


If this is your first ThetaHealing Instructor Certification, when you register you are assigned a customer number, this allows us to find your information faster, it's good for you to know it. You can locate in your confirmation email and when login in this site.


COMPLETE and verify your contracts

3 days prior to the start of the certification seminar you registered for you will receive your contracts by email. You can identify them with the Subject line: Please DocuSign: (Main or Name of Seminar Addendum) from  Brandy Opfar via DocuSign.




Login to your account and click the Contracts tab. When available, you will see a link next to se seminar name. Click on it and complete them.


Once completed their status will change from Yellow "Pending" to Green "Complete. 


If you completed the contracts and it still says pending, please open the file again to verify what information might be missing. You need to click "Finish" or "Close" at the top of the document for it be sent properly. Make sure your internet connection is stable.




Contracts are your ThetaHealing License Agreement. Without it you cannot use the brand and/or teach. Remember ThetaHealing is a trademark and can only be use by authorized licensed instructors.


PaymentS status

Login to your account and click the Payment tab to verify the status of your payments. Please take into consideration:



For the registration payment

  • Takes 2-3 days to be verified if it was completed with credit card or PayPal. 
  • Bank transfers 2-5 days if the money was wired from an account within Spain. 
  • Bank transfers from international accounts might take 10 to 15 days to be verified.

If the seminar is about to begin and your payment is not showing as completed, you can send an email with the payment confirmation to, add your registration number (customer number) to the email and name of the student that will participate. 


For the seminar fee


Payments made to THInK are mostly verified one week before the beginning of the seminar. As coordinators, we cannot verify them, we can only forward your information to THInK. If your seminar fee payment is not showing please send a confirmation to 


ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE START OF YOUR SEMINAR. You cannot attend the seminar without payments and/or contracts completed.



Your account is for you to be able to register to any ThetaHealing Instructor seminar. PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS EVERY TIME. If you want to use another email address you need to login first and change it, otherwise it will create another account for you.


Make sure all your information is accurate and up to date on this site. Remember contracts are sent to this email address only and if we need to contact you that is the information we can use to do so and assist you if necessary.


THIS IS NOT your ThetaHealing Profile. All your ThetaHealing certifications and instructors profile is still in 


It is recommended to use the same email address and name on both sites. This way we can verify your information faster.


YOUR CERTIFICATES WILL BE PRNTED WILL YOUR WWW.THETAHEALING.COM CERTIFICATE NAME NOT YOUR REGISTRATION NAME. Make sure the name is spelled the way you want it by entering your profile at 


Additional services

THInK is working constantly to improve and make your certification experience better and easier, so they always have some additional fun features to help your process. Make sure you visit the site and login from time to time.