How to Pay Step by Step

The official language in Spain is Spanish, so this site automatic language is Spanish. We created this section to help you if you have any doubts on the payment procedure. The procedures is a basic online store. Hopefully this section is useful. If you have any trouble while making your payment please contact us at

Step 1:

In the "English" section select the classes you wish to attend by clicking the square "Añadir".

Step 2:

Once you click on "Añadir" on the top of the page will appear the rectangle stating the article has been added to the shopping cart. 


It will have 2 buttons: 

1. On the left side :  "Seguir comprando" means "Keep Shopping", this allows you to add more classes. 


2. On the right side: "Mi compra" means "Shopping cart", this takes you to the next step to complete the payment. 

Step 3:

Once you clicked "Mi compra" You will be directed to the "Shopping Cart". 


Here you should verify the amount of each class you have selected and can modify it to your needs. 


"Observaciones sobre el pedido" The second circle has a blank space if you wish to comment something important about your payment (you can leave this blank).


"Siguiente paso" Click here to the next step to complete your payment.

Step 4:

Fill in your address, we translated the fields on the image. 


Then click "Siguiente Paso" to continue the payment process.

Step 5:

Select Payment Method


1. "PayPal" 

2. "Bank Transfer"

Click on "Siguiente paso"


Step 5.1

If you chose Paypal:

 You will be directed to the PayPal site to place your password and complete the payment. 


If You chose Bank Transfer: 

You will be directed to the confirmation page (step 6).  Once you complete step 6,  your order will be confirmed in our system and the Bank information will be visible see Step 7. 


You need to complete the Bank Transfer yourself. Your registration will be pending until the money arrives to our account.


Once we have the money transfer into our account, we will send you the email with the information for the Certification & the Paypal or Bank Transfer information for THInK's fee

Step 6:

After completing the Paypal Payment or directly after choosing Bank Transfer you will arrive to the Confirmation page. 


Here you can verify or change your Billing & Shipping address / information. 


It will confirm the Payment method you chose and review the items you just paid.


You need to select you agree upon the terms & conditions, cancelation terms and that you agree that upon buying the registration fee no refunds will be offered. 

Click on "comprar y pagar". 

Step 7:

You successfully registered for Vianna's Certification in Spain! You will receive the confirmation window (with or without Bank Transfer see step 5.1)