C.E.C Spain

Samantha Lohmann

B.A. Marketing

ThetaHealing Instructor & Master 

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science 2012

Country Event Coordinator for Vianna Stibal in Spain

F. LiveThetaVision

+(52) 5532113560

THInK / Headquarters

Brandy Opfar-Lott

Event Coordinator - Web Master**

+(1) 406.206.3232

FAX: +(1) 406.206.4669

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Location of the ThetaHealing Teachers Certification of Spain 2021 - online

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Quiénes somos

Coordinadores Profesionales de Eventos de ThetaHealing para Vianna Stibal y THInK en España.

C. E.C. de THInK en España 

(Coordinación de Eventos anteriores de Certificación de Instructores de ThetaHealing: Lindau, Alemania 2015; Valencia 2017, 2018 y 2019)



Profesional ThetaHealing Event Coordinators for Vianna Stibal & THInK in Spain.

THInK's C.E.C. in Spain 

(Previous ThetaHealing Instructors Event Coordination: Lindau, Germany 2015; Valencia, Spain 2017, 2018 & 2019)