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Congratulation to all new ThetaHealing Instructors!

Upcoming Teacher's Certification by Vianna Stibal

ThetaHealing® & Spain Uniting the World!!!

Vianna Stibal really enjoyed the beautiful city of Valencia. Her first visit to Spain was a complete success thanks to all of you that were part of this great event! If you are a new Instructor, welcome to the ThetaHealing family. We hope you continue your path in the ThetaHealing tree and that we meet in other events soon. 


For all the new practitioner's on "Growing Your Relationships part 1: You and Your significant other" congratulations on taking the next step to your own evolvement in all aspects, physical, mentally, emotional and spiritual! 

THANK YOU on behalf of all the Live Theta team! 

Event coordinated by LiveTheta


C.E.C. Samantha Lohmann ThetaHealing Certificate of Science  since 2012

Previous International Events coordinated by LiveTheta, ThetaHealing Teacher's Certification in Lindau 2015