Vianna Stibal

Vianna Stibal  is a renowned spiritual teacher who teaches her spiritual philosophy and meditation technique, ThetaHealing®, throughout the world.


After witnessing a healing on her own 9-inch tumor over 20 years ago, she discovered that emotions and beliefs affect us on a core, genetic, history, and soul level.


She developed a process to find out how we believe, why we believe, how we create problems and illness in our lives, how to change them, and how to understand The Creator’s true plan, and create the reality we desire.


Her technique takes the brain to a deep brain theta state instantaneously. Using this state, she teaches her students to reestablish their connection with Creator. Through this connection, she teaches how to facilitate physical, mental and emotional changes.

She teaches that we are sparks of God and shows how we each create our own reality and how everything in our life has and will serve a purpose. Vianna teaches you how to identify those purposes, understand yourself and create the reality you want. 


Not only did she discover the ThetaHealing technique is teachable, she knows that it needs to be taught.


Vianna conducts seminars all over the world to teach people of all races, beliefs and religions. She has trained teachers and practitioners who are working in 30 countries, with an estimated 300,000 practitioners worldwide, but her work will not stop there! 


Vianna is dedicated to sharing her love for all people and for The Creator of All That Is through trainings, books, and helping others. 

Brandy Opfar

Brandy Opfar is Vianna’s youngest daughter who loves being a mother and spending time with family.


She's been at the center of the evolving and growth of the ThetaHealing technique and has been a firsthand witness of the miracles you can achieve with love. 


Despite heavy workloads and tedious daily tasks, she always does her best to make everyone happy.


Her eagerness to please and deep love for this work help keep her focus on the individual needs of everyone who has dealings with THInK's office.


Because Brandy does whatever she can to help, she assists in making the environment in the office one of love and accomplishment. She is the Seminar and Website Director for and THInK. 

Josh & Raena

Joshua Stibal is Vianna's oldest son. He is married to Raena and together they travel the world spreading the ThetaHealing technique. They have developed together an introductory class The Algorithm in you. 


This seminar supports those new to ThetaHealing, that have never taken a seminar before and those who have been practicing ThetaHealing to a deeper understanding of yourself


Joshua develops, plans, and implements an information strategy that meets ThetaHealing’s growing needs, and delivers optimal return on our investments while maintaining the utmost security. As of 2018 Joshua has joined Vianna in certifying instructors in the ThetaHealing technique, assisted by his wife Raena Stibal.


Raena works with the CIO to develop, plan and implement information strategy that meets ThetaHealing’s growing needs, and delivers optimal return on our investments while maintaining the utmost security. Raena is Vianna's daughter-in-law. As of 2018 she started assisting her husband Joshua with teaching ThetaHealing instructor seminars.



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