The Certification in Spain

The information on this website is designed only for the Instructor's Certification and seminars that Vianna Stibal will impart in Valencia, Spain 2018.


If you wish information of other venues and places where Vianna Stibal will teach, visit the oficial website 


To attend the certification you must comply with the prerequisites of each class, pay your registration fee and the corresponding THInK's fee. 

Prerequisites of the clases that  Vianna Stibal will impart in Valencia, Spain 2017:









BASIC DNA, ADVANCED DNA & Dig Deeper PRACTITIONERS + BAsic DNA & Advanced DNA Instructors

Manifesting & Abundance INSTRUCTORS

BASIC DNA, ADVANCED DNA, Dig Deeper And Manifesting & Abundance PRACTITIONERS + BAsic DNA, Advanced DNA and  dig deeper Instructors.

What do i need to Certify as a ThetaHealing Instructor?

All the seminars to be Certified as a ThetaHealing Instructor are exclusively taught by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing. After completing the DNA Basic, DNA Advanced and Dig Deeper practitioner's seminars, the ThetaHealing Practitioner has the prerequisites to become a DNA Basic and DNA Advanced Instructor. To qualify to attend any other Instructor's seminar you must first comply with corresponding the seminar's prerequisites.


How can I get a scholarship?

In ThetaHealing® we believe in giving back and know sometimes you just need a little assistance to reach your dreams. We offer a scholarship program to our seminars. We do believe that there should be an exchange of energy and may require a smaller fee. If you receive a scholarship from THInK you must complete the corresponding registration fee to the seminar you wish to attend. To apply for a scholarship you must fill out the form on the following link : Scholarship Application 


How can I attend the Certification if I'm already a ThetaHealing Instructor?

You can attend as a Teacher's Assistant. The Teacher's Assistant is that person that has already taken the ThetaHealing Instructor's classes and take part of the class assisting the other students when  Vianna makes them work in groups or partners. To apply to be a Teacher's Assistant you must fill out the form on the following link : Teachers Assistant Application  


Even if you apply to be a Teacher's Assistant there is no guarantee that you will be approved as one. If you're approved you still need to pay te fee that THInK instructs you plus the registration fee to the seminar you will assist.

You can also attend the classes as a regular student to re-certify. 


I paid a $100usd fee to certify as a Manifesting and abundance teacher, do I need to take the Teachers' Class?

All the Instructors that paid the $100USD fee to certify as a ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Instructor need to take the Instructor's class. Since 2016 Vianna re-designed the Manifesting & Abundance Instructors class to teach you how to use the manifesting technique in the highest and best way to ensure success in every aspects of your life and for you to guide your students in this process in an easy and deep way. If you certified by paying the $100USD fee you only have to pay the Re-certification price for the THInK's Fee, more details here. 


HOW can i Re-certify?

The Instructor's Certification lasts 4 years. To continue teaching after this period you can re-certify going to the corresponding Instructor's seminar as a Teacher's Assistant or as a regular student.


Another option is to taken other clases that count towards the re-certification of the class you wish to re-certify, you can find this information when you enter your profile at the official website.


All classes have a special re-certification price towards THInK's Fee, it is necessary to pay the whole amount of the registration fee. Find more information here.


There is no license fee nor financial commitment towards THInk's Institute or any other institution to be able to teach any of the seminars as long as your certification is valid. For other recertification options contact THInK. 


Where will the certification take place?


At the historical hotel Balneario las Arenas, located at Eugenia Viñes, 22-24, Valencia 46011. More information click here


What is the schedule of the classes?

The classes take place from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs. We ask you to be on time!

There will be a complementary Coffee Break of 15 minutes and one free hour to have lunch (lunch is not included in the seminar).


At what time is the Registration?

 Every first day of class from 7:00 to 8:40 hrs. we will have the students registration where you must confirm the completion of both your payments (registration + THInK's fee) and you will receive your materials and name tag. 


What is the Pre-registration?

To make the registration go faster, those students that wish so can attend the pre-registration where you can confirm your payments (registration + THInK's fee) and receive your materials. This way you can arrive the first day of class at 8:30 instead of at 7:00 hrs. and avoid lines.


Pre-registration Schedule

Basic DNA

09/11/2018 19:00 to 21:00hrs

Dig Deeper

09/19/2018 18:00 to 19:00hrs 

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