Important Information for Your Certification

Here is some important information you should consider for your certification. We hope this is useful but if you have any more questions please go to our Q&A section or send us an email at

Registration - Payments


To register follow this steps:

   1.  Go to choose your language

   2.  Click on "More Information" for the Seminars in Spain (see detailed picture)

   3.  Add the seminar(s) you wish to attend pressing the (+) on the right corner,

   4.  Select your language (you can choose only the languages available for translation)

   5. "Add to Shopping Cart".

   6.  Once you're ready (have selected all the seminars) go to your shopping cart. You will see it as an icon on the upper right side of the page.
   7. Follow the steps, place your information as you would in a general online store.

   8.  Complete the Payment. 


Once you register your will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the seminar  details. Please make sure to read it carefully and completely. If you already resister and haven't receive a confirmation e-mail please check your Spam folder and if it's not there contact us at as soon as possible.


You will receive another e-mail with the information on how to make payment 2 to THInK receive a couple of working days after your registration has been successfully completed. 


Total Cost

The total amount of the investment for each seminar is divided in two payments:

  1. The first payment (payment 1) covers the coordination and registration to the event. It is made in Euros and you must pay it directly to the Coordinator LiveTheta. You may consult prices and availability at the registration section.
  2. The second payment (payment 2) covers the cost of the seminars. It is made in American Dollars and it's paid directly to THInK. Once you complete your confirmation payment your assistance to the seminars is confirmed. You will receive an e-mail with a link to pay Seminar Cost thru PayPal or Bank Transfer.


To enter any of the seminars it is necessary to complete the investment payments 100% 


This means you have to fully complete payment 1 Registration Fee (LiveTheta) and payment 2 Seminar Cost (THInK).



Basic DNA Instructor

Registration Fee: €480

Seminar Cost: $1,340 (USD)

Estimated Total: $1,850 USD 

Advanced DNA Instructor

Registration Fee: €440

Seminar Cost: $1,250 (USD)

Estimated Total: $1,717 USD 

Dig Deeper Instructor

Registration Fee: €350

Seminar Cost: $890 (USD)

Estimated Total$1,262 USD

You and Creator Instructor

Registration Fee: €350

Seminar Cost: $890 (USD)

Estimated Total: $1,262 USD


3 Month Payment Plan


Contact us to send you the updated information and availability.

Payment Methods


Create an account at the website and make all your payments with ease, comfort and security. If you have doubts on how it works visit their website or send us an e-mail to and we would gladly help you.

LiveTheta (Registration Fee)

In the registration site you can choose and pay with PayPal.

THInK (Seminar Cost)

You will receive a link to pay with PayPal in the confirmation email once you complete registration. 

Credit Cards

Both LiveTheta and THInK accept payments with Credit Cards

LiveTheta (Registration Fee)

You can choose credit card payment upon registration. If you need a different link to complete payment we can send you a new one, once you complete registration. 

THInK (Seminar Cost)


In your confirmation email you will receive a link solely for payments with credit cards. 

Bank Transfers

LiveTheta (Registration Fee)

On the registration site you can choose this as your payment method. Once you complete registration you have to complete payment through your online banking or in a branch of BankInter. 


 Make sure to send the correct amount. Every bank charges different commissions for services, so you must send the complete amount of the seminar(s) registration fee, any and all commissions arte paid by the participant. 


Take into consideration that international bank transfers can take up to 10 days to receive and verify the money wire. Save your payment confirmation for any clarification. 

THInK (Seminar Cost)


In your confirmation email you will receive the same link for PayPal and Bank Transfer payments to THInK. 


In this link, you must select your classes and choose "Bank Transfer" once this process is complete you will be shown the bank information. 


Take into consideration the bank account is in the U.S. and international wire transfers might take up to 10 days to be received and verified. This is why we recommend to complete payments at least 5 days before the beginning of your seminars. Pleas save your payment confirmation for any clarification  



(Not to LiveTheta, Not to THInK)

No Refunds 1 month prior to the start of the seminar



If you do not show up for your class or cancel your assistance take into consideration we charge a handling fee per person as follow:

  • Cancellation after our seminar confirmation 3 Months before Seminar: 20%
  • Cancellation between 1 and 3 Months before seminar: 50% of the registration fee
  • Cancellation less than 1 Month before seminar: whole registration fee

No show without cancelation: whole registration fee non refunded.


Nevertheless you can transfer your Registration Fee to another student that wishes to certify as long as that students has the prerequisites. You must notify the transfer no later than September 1st to


Regarding refunds of the class payment you must present your particular case to THInK Headquarters. However refunds are rarely given and must not be counted on.


Before the seminar

Electronic Contracts

It's important that you fill in your electronic contracts before the beginning of the seminars. This contract is your trademark license agreement. We will send you an email 3 days before each class so you can fill the electronic contracts needed for each seminar. 


You can also see and fill out your contracts through your account at And will be able to verify that they show as completed. 


If it is the first time you fill them in, its very simple. Just click on the link we send you, and follow the online instructions. Use your email that you are using in your ThetaHealing profile.


It is better you fill them with time before the seminars. If we cannot verify you have done them beforehand, we will ask you to fill them again before the start of the seminar. You will have to fill all the contracts before entering the conference zoom on the first day of class. 


Few days before the class we will do a Facebook Live to help you with questions about payments, contracts, manuals, zoom and anything you need to be prepared for your online class. 

Registration Day

Translations and Languages

All the clases are given in English.


The translation to Spanish is consecutive and does not interfere with the English on the main speakers. 


Additional translations are included in the coordination fee if you select the available languages upon registration. Translation devices are limited.  The additional translations we offer are for all the Instructor Certification: 


For the languages on demand we need at least 10 people interested in the language that are ready to register before June 16th, 2021. Please send us an email to to place you on the waiting list and we will contact you when and if the language is confirmed. We will contact you and advertise the new approved languages on our social media and official event communication channels. 


We cannot guarantee that by requesting a language it will be approved. We invite you to visit the official sites (, )where you can find other countries holding Instructor Certifications around the world that might have the language you are looking for. 


Your Certificate

The name that will appear in your Instructor's Certificate is the name that appears in your practitioner's profile.


Take a moment to verify it. We cannot make any changes to your profile or your name for you.


To enter your profile go to and fill out your information next to the "LOGIN" bottom.


If you do not remember your password click "Forgot login information?" (under the "Password" box) and follow the steps.


If you do not remember your username send an email to Don't forget to use the word  ThetaHealing at the subject line so they can receive your email at THInK.


Once you are logged in go to "Account Details" then to "personal" and verify or change your Certificate Name.


During Class

Hours and Punctuality

Classes start 9:00 SHARP and finish at 15:00

(Central European Time/ Peninsular Spain GMT/UTC +2)


One 15 minute break is provided


Zoom meeting begins 8:30 CET


We recommend you to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of a class.


PUNCTUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. Each student is responsable for being on time at the start of class and at the end of breaks.



For us to confirm that you have attended the whole length of the seminar, your video must be on and you must be visible at the camera all time during the lectures and exercises. 


We cannot guarantee a stable connection on your end. However here are some guidelines to follow so you can be as best prepared as possible. You should be in a fixed location not moving around in public transportation, your car, or walking around. the class requieres you to pay attention and to be there for the other students during the exercises.  


You will receive a link to the manuals for your class. Once you are an Instructor in your profile on you will be able to download and print any available language you might need for your students. 

Coffee Break and Lunch Time

You will be given a break at the middle of the class of around 15 minutes. We recommend you have a prepared snack and drinks for you to stay awake, hydrated and nurtured during the rest of the class. 


take into consideration you will be sitting in front of your device in a quiet space and going in and out of theta, so you might get sleepy, so some tea of coffee might be a good idea to be able to complete your class. 



If you still have any doubts or questions about the Teachers Certification in Spain (hours, costs, etc.) please contact us sending an email to, thank you.


Be part of this wonderful experience, Becoming the incredible you with ThetaHealing!

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