Important Information for Your Certification

Here is some important information you should consider for your certification. We hope this is useful but if you have more questions please go to our Q&A section or send us an email at

On April 9th the marathon will be held in Valencia. There will be traffic restrictions in the area surrounding the hotel in the morning. Please take the necessary precautions.


The total amount of the investment for each seminar is divided in two payments:

  1. The first payment (payment 1) covers the coordination and registration to the event. It is made in Euros and you must pay it directly to the Coordinator LiveTheta. You may consult prices and availability at the registration section.
  2. The second payment (payment 2) covers the cost of the class. It is made in American Dolars and it's paid directly to THInK. Once you complete your registration payment your assistance to the class is confirmed. You will receive an e-mail with a link to pay thru Paypal THInK's Fee.  If you require a payment plan you may ask for it directly to THInK once your registration payment is completed. 


To enter any of the classes it is necessary to complete the investment payments  100% 


This means you have to complete payment 1 (LiveTheta) and payment 2 (THInK) a 100%.



To register follow this steps:

  1. Choose the language in which you wish to take the class.
  2. Add the class or classes you wish to attend pressing the bottom under the chosen class "Añadir"
  3. Once you're ready go to your shopping cart. You will see it as an icon on the right side of the page.
  4. Follow the steps

The official language in Spain is Spanish, so this site automatic language is Spanish. We created a section to help you if you have any doubts Click here.


Once you register your will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the class details. Please make sure to read it carefully and completely. If you already resister and haven't receive a confirmation e-mail please check your Spam folder and if it's not there contact is at as soon as possible.


You will receive another e-mail with the information on how to make payment 2 to THInK.


Registration Day


Basic DNA Instructor                              March 30th from 7:00 to 8:40 hrs.

Advanced DNA Instructor                     April 4th from 7:00 to 8:40 hrs.

Growing Your Relationships                April 9th from 7:00 to 8:40 hrs.


We highly recommend going to the Pre-Registration. This allows you to arrive at  8:30 hrs. the first day of every class.


REMEMBER to bring with you a print copy of your payments.


During registration you will receive:

1. A set of Manuals: One Practitioner's and One Instructor's 

2. A NameTag for the event with your name 

3. Instructor's Contract or Practitioner's Waiver


You should wear your NameTag at all times during class. It is necessary to pick it up at the beginning of class every day and give it back at the end. This prevents losses and verifies that you arrive on time and that you do not leave class before it's finish. Only attending class every day during the entire schedule you can receive your certification.

Hours and Punctuality


Classes start 9:00 hrs. SHARP and finish at 17:00 hrs.


We recommend you to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of a class.

PUNCTUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. Each student is responsable for being on time at the start of class and at the end of the coffee and lunch breaks.




The doors to the seminar room open at  8:30 hrs You are not allowed to enter before this time. The doors close at 17:30 hrs. You are not allowed to stay after this time.

It is forbidden to leave any kind of possession behind or to reserve seats. 

We are not responsible for lost items.


Translations and Languages

All the clases are given in English.

The translation to Spanish is consecutive and free.

We offer translation to the following languages with an extra fee:

Go to our section Traducciones/Other languages to know more about our translators.


No Refunds



Your Registration Fee covers the coordination costs, saves you a place in class and guarantees your materials. This is prior to the beginning of classes, therefore the payment is non refundable.


In case of No Show there are No Refunds either. Nevertheless you can transfer your Registration Fee to another student that wishes to certify as long as that students has the require prerequisites. You must notify the transfer no later than March 28th to 


Regarding refunds of the class payment you must present your particular case to  THInK Headquarters. However refunds are rarely given and must not be counted on.


Payment Methods


PayPal. Create an account at the website and make all your payments with ease, comfort and security. If you have doubts on how it works visit their website or send us an e-mail to and we would gladly help you. It is the fastest and more secure way to register and make your payments to  THInK.


Bank Transfers. You must ask for the bank transfer's information and make the transaction 10 working days prior to the beginning of class. To receive the bank transfer information for the registration fee, register thru this site and choose that payment method at your shopping cart Clik here  

Don't forget to make the transaction 10 working days prior to the beginning of class!


Credit Cards. You can only make THInK's payment with credit card and only during the Pre-Registration of each class.  For the transaction to be successful you must call your bank in advanced and authorized THInK to charge your account the amount corresponding to the number of seminars you're attending. This pre-authorization is necessary due to banking security, the charge is made in the US and it is very common that banks block the transaction to avoid fraud. In case your card rejects the payment you will not be able to enter class. Avoid having trouble with your payment calling your bank in advanced to authorized the transaction. The transaction cannot be made with debit cards.




Payment 1 to Livetheta can only be made thru PayPal or bank transfer.


Pre-registration Day

Basic DNA Instructor                         March 29th from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs.

Advanced DNA Instructor                April 2nd from 17:00 to 17:30 hrs.

Growing Your Relationships           April 8th from 16:00 to 17:50 hrs.


For your convenience you may complete your payments during the Pre-registration that will take place at Las Arenas Hotel.


This way you can arrive the first day of class only to pick up your material and avoid lines and setbacks.


During the Pre-registration you may still register.

Payments can only be made with Credit card or PayPal. 

No cash payments allowed.



Every student receives only

1 Practitioner's manual and 1 Instructor's manual.


You will receive your manuals in the language in which you register.


If you wish your manuals in another language but do not need the translation to this language please, once you have completed your registration payment, send us an e-mail to no later than March 20th to ask for your manuals in your desire language. You will receive your material in the desire language only if it's in existence, if the language you wish for has no current translation we will give you an adequate alternative. Once we confirm with you the language of your manuals you will not be allowed to change them to another language at the Registration of the class. 


Your Certificate

The name that will appear in your Instructor's Certificate is the name that appears in your practitioner's profile.


Take a moment to verify it. If you wish it to appear differently you must change your profile information no later than March 28th. We cannot make any changes to your profile or your name for you.


To enter your profile go to and fill out your information next to the "LOGIN" bottom.


If you do not remember your password click "Forgot login information?" (under the "Password" box) and follow the steps.


If you do not remember your username send an e-mail to Don't forget to use the word  ThetaHealing at the subject line so they can receive your e-mail at THInK. On the e-mail body you can write "Forgot username and password for (your name)". 


Coffee Break and Lunch Time

There will be a complementary Coffee Break at 11:00 hrs. included in the seminar. At 13:30 hrs. there will be one hour Lunch Break.


The cost of lunch is not included in the seminar price and each student is responsable of their meals.



Your Stay

The cost of your stay is not included in the seminars. The Balneario Las Arenas Hotel offers a special rate for the event. Enter their website and when you look for rates and availability enter the Promo: THETAHEALING and you will find special offers. 


In Valencia you can find many diferente lodging options. Visit our venue section to find more information. 



We will be very happy to see you in Spain and join you in this very important step in your career as a ThetaHealing Instructor!

Be part of this wonderful experience. Let's Unite the World with ThetaHealing!