Remote Location


Venue to be confirmed



From 9:00am to 1:30pm.*



*Verify schedule for Intuitive Anatomy.

To get certified you must attend in person. Teachings will be imparted via live streaming from a main location, outside Spain, most likely, Montana U.S.A. THInK Instructor Team, together with Vianna Stibal  will be teaching live from their location.  


Every remote location has specific languages available. If you requiere a different language than English or Spanish, please verify the other locations and the languages offered ( Spain offers SPANISH as main language and English as complimentary. Any additional language must be requested and requires a minimum of students to be approved. To apply or receive more information, please email us at


Intuitive Anatomy will be imparted in a special format. First 10 days online and then 5 days in person at a remote location. You must participate the 15 days altogether to certify as an instructor. Once registered you cannot change your remote location. The hours for the seminar online will vary from the in person, please review this details in your registration email and in the description of the seminar. 


After the 10 days online if you do not show up at your remote location you will not receive a certification. You'll be required by THInK to repeat the whole 15 days in a new certification class. 



You must be physically present in the assigned remote location where you registered. 


It's important to be on time and present for the duration of the seminar. 


If you do not show up or miss significant time of the seminar, you will not receive a certification and you might be requested to complete your certification in a different class.



The coordinators and the Teacher Assistants will be in the classroom to support you with all the exercises in person.


You must participate in all the exercises to obtain your certification. 


THInK Instructor Team

Our Instructors are: 

  • Vianna Stibal
  • Brandy Opfar-Lott 
  • Joshua & Raena Stibal 

They will be teaching from a main location and streamed online live with simultaneous translation to Spanish. 



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