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The official language in Spain is Spanish, so this site automatic language is Spanish. We created this section to help you if you have any doubts on the payment procedure. The procedures is a basic online store. Hopefully this section is useful. If you have any trouble while making your payment please contact us at


It is important to remember that in this site you will be able to pay only the Registration fee. This guarantees you have a place in the seminar and the materials you will need. Once you complete this payment you will receive and email with the information to complete the second payment, THIn's Fee. 




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Quiénes somos

Coordinadores Profesionales de Eventos de ThetaHealing para Vianna Stibal y THInK en España.

C. E.C. de THInK en España 

(Coordinación de Eventos anteriores de Certificación de Instructores de ThetaHealing: Lindau, Alemania 2015; Valencia 2017, 2018 y 2019)



Profesional ThetaHealing Event Coordinators for Vianna Stibal & THInK in Spain.

THInK's C.E.C. in Spain 

(Previous ThetaHealing Instructors Event Coordination: Lindau, Germany 2015; Valencia, Spain 2017, 2018 & 2019)