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Be part of this amazing certification! 


You can participate as a T.A. (Teacher Assistant), a student with a scholarship or as Teacher Re-certifying. 


This section has all the details you need. 

Teacher Assistant


Vianna & Guy Stibal with LiveTheta's team, translators & T.A.'s  during Valencia 2017 Teachers Certification. 


An excellent way to re-certify as an Instructor for the class, helping new Instructors in their own process of personal training. 


To be  a T.A. you must pay the Registration Fee


THInK's board of directos together with Vianna Stibal are the ones that approve every T.A. 


To apply for a T.A. position, you must already be a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor for the participating class with a valid license (the teaching license expires every 4 years, you have the forth year to re-certify, more info below). The Teachers with the Master & Certificate of Science degree have a priority in the selection process, non the less, every Teacher has a right to apply and can be selected. If you wish to apply you need to complete the form on the following link:




If you are selected as a T.A., you must cover your registration fee, which is non refundable, and guarantees your spot in the class. Even before the class starts, you will be asked to help donating personal time to prepare the classroom and clean up after class. Every morning there will be a meeting where you will be assigned your tasks for the day, also you will receive the instructions you need to be able to help during the group exercises.  


Every T.A. is responsible for his or her personal expenses, such as, but not limited to travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, transportation and so on.  


Do not arrive unannounced, we cannot guarantee your place as a participant or as a T.A. since we have limited seats available. Already being a Teacher does not guarantee the T.A. position or special certification price. 



Every 4 years you must complete a Teacher's class or classes to keep yourself up to date with any new information incorporated to the technique. 


If it's time for you to re-certify, you can do this in Seville with a special class fee given by THInK. 


You must pay 100% of the registration fee, you can do this on this site, selecting the classes you wish to attend in which you already have a Teacher's Certification. 


To make sure you are still on the 4 year period and you will receive the special price class from THInK, you must write and email to seminars@thetahealing.com.


Once you complete the registration payment, you will receive an email with the instructions to complete the Payment to THInK. 


When you are re-certifying  you will receive all class materials and must participate in all the exercises and be present during the whole length of class all the days of the class. If you miss any period of time you might not receive your new diploma and must complete your class elsewhere to re-certify. 


Do not show unannounced, without registration we cannot guarantee your place in the class, we have limited availability.


Recertification prices:

Basic DNA Instructor

THInK's Fee $950USD

+ Registration Fee €480

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Advanced DNa Instructor

THInK's Fee $860USD

+ Registration Fee  €440

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Dig Deeper instructor

THInK's Fee $600USD

+ Registration Fee €350

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Growing your Relationships 2: YOU AND CREATOR

THInK's Fee $600USD

+ Registration Fee €350

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How to apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are given by THInK's board of directors and Vianna Stibal. 


You should apply 3 months before the class starts. You can apply now on the official ThetaHealing site: 




It's very important to cover your registration fee. This will show your dedication to the technique. It is important to clarify that this fee is non refundable under any circumstance and is the only way to confirm your assistance. 


Scholarships are given approximately one month before the beginning of class. Whether it's a partial or total scholarship the amount depends on THInK's decision, you can request the amount you need in the blank space of the form, it's important to focus on why you need the scholarship and your motivation to become a Teacher. To apply you need to fill this form once the event is on the official ThetaHealing site. 


Once receive the scholarship you need to pay the registration fee and you are to donate some personal time to help prepare the room before and after every day of class. 


Every student, even with a scholarship is responsible of covering all his or her personal expenses, such as, but not limited to travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, transportation and so on.  


Do not arrive unannounced, we cannot guarantee your place as a participant or as a student with scholarship, we have limited seats available. A place in the seminars is not guarantee until you pay the registration fee, if you receive a scholarship and there are no space available for the classes we cannot permit your entrance and you would have to apply to certify elsewhere.


In case you need to apply for a scholarship on the registration fee, this are seldom granted. You need to write an email to spain@thetahealinginstructor.com. There are few exceptions to receiving this support and for the registration fee there are no full amount scholarship. 

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