Instructors Certification - Spain 2023 - Online

Taught by Brandy Opfar with Vianna Stibal 

Basic DNA Instructor

February 28 - March 3 2023

Total Cost:  480€ + $1,340USD*

ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and You and The Creator Practitioner. 

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Taught by Brandy Opfar

Advanced DNA Instructor

5 - 7 March 2023

Total Cost:  440€ + $1,250USD*

ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and You and The Creator Practitioner + ThetaHealing Basic DNA Instructor

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Dig Deeper Instructor

8 - 9 March 2023

Total Cost:  350€ + $890USD*

ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and You and The Creator Practitioner + ThetaHealing Basic DNA Instructor & Advanced  DNA Instructor 

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You & The Creator Instructor

Growing Your Relationships 2 

11 - 12 March 2023

Total Cost: 350€ + $890USD*

ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, GYR 2: You and The Creator Practitioner + Basic DNA Instructor, Advanced  DNA Instructor & Dig Deeper Instructor. 

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*Details of Investment: The Registration Fee is collected in Euros (confirms your registration) + Seminar Cost (THInK's Fee) is collected in USD. Both fees must be completed before the start of class to receive your certification. 

Registrations are open!

Please use the official registration site for ThetaHealing Instructors.


Simply choose the seminars you wish to attend to and pay the Registration Fee. Follow the online shopping process on the site and if you have any questions, please write us


Once you register you will receive a login to the site where you can verify your payment details and complete your seminar contracts. This login and your Customer Number will be the same for all Instructor Certifications that you wish to attend to worldwide. 

Online Event


Due to the on-going Covid Travel Restrictions we have decided to move the event entirely online. Vianna Stibal and Brandy Opfar-Lott will be teaching online from the ThetaHealing Headquarters. You can join the certification from where it's convenient for you. 


General Details - Important Information

   All seminars are given in English. 

✓   All seminars will have Spanish translation available upon demand. No additional fee needed. 

✓   Additional translations (Portuguese, Turkish  and Russian) are included in the registration fee, if you selected it upon registration. Please note additional languages most be approved by THInK and LiveTheta. 

✓   The Registration Fee is not refundable under any circumstances. 

  The total amount to be paid is the sum of the Registration Fee plus the Seminar Cost (The first is paid in Euros, to LiveTheta and the second in U.S. Dollars, to THInK).

✓   Please be careful to avoid additional fees. In the event that you send LiveTheta the payment for THInK, this money will be returned to the sender and a fee will be collected to cover any and all administration cost that each situation generates. We are not legally allowed to receive money for THInK.

✓   Classes will be held from 9:00 to 15:00 sharp CET (Central European Time UTC + 1). More details on the seminars can be found by scrolling down or clicking here

✓   Students must comply with THInK's prerequisites to be able to attend the seminar and complete the Instructor's Certification. More info. 

✓   To complete Certification, each student must be present and on time for the full schedule of the seminar and must have completed all the payments (Registration Fee + Seminar Cost) and contracts before it starts.

✓ The language you select when registering is the language for your manuals and translation (if it applies). If you do not find your language and need translation, you can request it by sending us an email to spain@thetahealinginstructor.comwe cannot guarantee the translation will be added. 


Want to be a Teacher Assistant (T.A.)?

How to apply for a scholarship 

Are you re-certifying?

Important details for Online Certification

  • You are certifying to teach in-person classes. Once you are an Instructor if you wish to teach online you must sign up for online teaching (for the classes that apply) so that you follow the requirements in compliance with the ThetaHealing trademark and your Instructor's license.
  • You must have a good and reliable internet connection so that you are able to access the zoom conference with both audio and video for the entire duration of the seminar (if possible, we recommend you to plug an ethernet cable directly from your modem/router to your computer to make sure you have a reliable internet connection).
  • The hours of the seminars are scheduled at Peninsular Spanish Summer time (UTC/ GMT+2 Central European Summer Time). It is the responsibility of each participant to be on time for class every day. Please be sure to verify if there is a time difference between the local time of the class and your location. 
  • You must be present and with your video on at all the times during class. 
  • You must participate in all the exercises with the person(s) that will be assigned to you.
  • We will have people monitoring the online classes, with one person per a certain number of students. They will be making sure you are present for the class and available to offer some support if needed.
  • Your zoom name must match the name you registered with.
  • You will receive your certificates and manuals in online version only, you may print them yourself if you wish to. 

For more details, guidelines and what to expect, click here


Important notice!

Our Privacy Policy has changed to be in accordance with the GDPR, valid from 05/25/2018, please read it carefully if you have any doubts about how we are using and processing your personal data. By registering you are giving us consent to contact you regarding important information about the upcoming classes you selected. 

Become a Teacher's Assistant

What does it mean to be a T.A.?


 You can apply now! If you are already a ThetaHealing Instructor for Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper, and you wish to participate, you can help new practitioners take their next step on their personal path. This is another way of re-certifying. For more details please click here. To apply you must do so through THInK and here is the link you need!                                     

 Photo: Teacher Assistants, Staff & Translators Valencia 2018

Are you already an Instructor and wish to re-certify?

There is a re-certification cost for Instructors with a valid license (4 years) who wish to re-new their Teaching license 4 more years in Spain.


If you are re-certifying your Masters or Certificate of Science, please verify the details with THInK or by logging into your ThetaHealing profile. Details for the special price can be found here. 

Payment Details


The Total Cost consists of 2 payments. 

Registration Fee

Is collected in Euros and confirms your attendance at the classes; as well as covering all the coordination of the event in Spain. 


If you attend other ThetaHealing Instructor Certification this fee might  change depending on the coordination team. 

Seminar Cost

This payment is established by THInK and it covers your certification fee and grants you a license agreement that allows you limited use of the trademark in accordance with the contract you sign before the start of classes.  It is charged separately from the registration fee and is collected in USD.

Event coordinated by LiveTheta

Country Event Coordinator (C.E.C.) Samantha Lohmann, ThetaHealing  Master & Certificate of Science since 2012