Instructor Certifications Online

This is an exciting time where new possibilities are being created! 

Many of you have asked for online classes and certifications even before Covid times, well here we are!


Lets just clarify some important details 


Honor the technique and the Teachers

If you choose to participate online we kindly ask you to be respectful of other participants and the Teachers, Vianna and Brandy. 

Same rules apply in person an online and same trademark guidelines must be followed. 



For the online participation you will be required to enter a zoom meeting. The name that appears in the zoom must be the same as the one you registered with. 


You must have your video on at all times during the class. 


For the exercises you will be assigned on a breakout room with one or more students and you are required to do all the exercises, if you need assistance, please let the monitor or the coordinators know. 

In-person or online?

You can choose either format for your certification, once registered you cannot switch. 


If you registered for online classes, you are expected to log into the zoom for all the duration of the classes (days and hours). 


If you registered in-person you are expected to be present in the conference room for all the duration of the class. No online access will be provided. 


You must be present at all times during the class. Breaks will be provided for lunch and rest, we recommend you have your meals ready so that you are back in time.


A prolonged absence from class during lectures or exercises might mean you'd need to catch up with an available TA outside the hours of class or that you wont receive your certification. 

Proper place for class

The idea of opening online classes is to avoid any difficult situations due to the on going Covid restrictions. 


Choose a place that is proper for you to have a certification, if possible a quiet room where you are by yourself.


If you share a space with others, please wear earphones and let them know to be mindful you are busy in class (there has been incidents of people crossing the camera unaware they are being broadcast for all to see).


Being in public transport, a coffee shop, a busy place, might not be suitable to give your full attention to class and/or other participants during the exercises. 


As stated before, you are expected to participate in all the exercises, whether by yourself, with an assigned partner or group. 


The breakout rooms will be assigned by a member of staff with someone that speaks your language or with the assistance of a translator. 

Recibe your certification

Your diploma will be an online version that you can print on your own. 


The certification has the same validity as the in-person classes. Every 4 year you will be required to re/certify. There are several options for recertification, please go to for more details or click here. 


You will be able to teach in-person classes only . If you wish to teach online you will have to pay an additional fee for online classes which includes your tutorials and materials, plus a monthly fee for your licensed by THInK zoom account (more details for this please contact the headquarters