Hotel Meliá Lebreros  

Luis Morales, 2

41005 Seville

t. (34) 954 57 94 00

f.(34) 954 58 23 09

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No hotel Las Arenas Balneario, iniciamos o pré-registro para concluir seu pagamento para PENSAR e coletar seus materiais de aula.

DNA Básico,

21/08/2020 18:00 - 20:00

Cultivando seus Relacionamentos 2 & 4

02/09/2020 19:00 - 20:00

Como chegar la?


Information for Taxis and tourism.

Radio Taxi 

954 58 00 00 

Teletaxi Sevilla 

954 62 22 22

Fare to and from the airport approximately 22/27€ 


From the Airport take the line EA four stops to "Kansas City" (Cefiro) and walk 250mts to the hotel Lebreros Meliá. 


You can plan your trip (from the airport or within the city) with TUSSAMGoogle maps or use the Airport information site. 


The nearest Metro station is Nervión, is in straight line walk to the hotel about 500mts. 


All metro stations are wheelchair accesible and you can find prices, maps and info here.


You ca purchase one way bus tickets inside the bus. Airport transfer for one use only is 4€. With this ticket you can reach main stops within the city and the train stations.

You can then purchase a multi travel ticket (travel card) that can be used in metro, tram and buses. The car costs 1.50€ which can be refunded if the car is returned after its use. You can add money as you go or buy an unlimited use card (personal use also 30 day travel card).  For more details and where to buy you can visit TUSSAM (Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza Ponce de León y Avda. Andalucía 11). You can also download their app to help you move easily within the city. Google maps is very accurate as well. 


 *P. S. LiveTheta, Vianna Stibal ou THINK não são responsáveis pela hospedagem de qualquer participante, o estado dos lugares reservados, alugados. LiveTheta, Vianna Stibal, THInK não são de forma alguma responsável por qualquer decisão sobre a sua estadia ou alojamento antes, durante ou após os seminários de ThetaHealing em Valência.


venue Hotel

The venue hotel has 3 locations, Meliá Lebreros, Meliá Sevilla, and Colon Gran Meliá. 


You can use the following link to access a special price as participant of the ThetaHealing Instructor Certification. 


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