What to expect of the Online Certification

CAN I TEACH ONLINE since I AM attending the certification online?

The Certification Online allows you only to teach in person seminars.

Once you certify, you can register to be an Online Instructor*.

General guidelines - What I can and must do and what I can't...

Watch the video al the following link: https://thetahealing.wistia.com/projects/3geur7vtgw 

or read the guidelines below ...

  • You must have a reliable and stable internet connection to be able to hold video conferences with both ends using their video and audio settings for the whole length of the seminar (It is recommend you plug an ethernet cable from your device to your modem to ensure a better and more stable connection).
  • Phone connection has proven unreliable. If you choose to use your phone we recommend to use the Do Not Disturb Mode and to have a tripod or stand. 
  • You will receive a link to join the Zoom meeting 1-3 days prior to the event.
  • You will need to register through that link with your name and email of registration used at www.thetahealinginstructor.com.
  • You will receive a Dropbox link to the manuals 1-3 days prior to the event... You can print ahead of time or work from digital copy.
  • The hours** of the seminars are scheduled at peninsular Spanish time (UTC+1 Central European Time). It is the responsibility of each participant to verify if there is a time change in the their location. 
  • Check In will be at 8:30h Spain peninsular time the first day of the seminar. (You may login all other days between 8:45 and 8:55h).
  • Seminar will start at approximately 9:00h You do need to be on time as attendance is taken at the start of the seminar.
  • Learning Online requires you to be Online in a room for yourself, so that you can follow and work during the event undisturbed. We will not tolerate if you are on the road, in a public place or together with a group of people. If this happens you will be asked to repeat the seminar at a later time (additional fees may apply).
  • You must be present and with your video on all the time during class.
  • If your camera is off more than 5 minutes you will be placed in the waiting room and not allowed to attend until the camera is on. If placed in the waiting room more than 3 times you will be removed from the event. If you fail to be in attendance for the event you will not be certified and will have to retake (the seminar) before you are allowed to continue on.
  • If you fail to participate*** during class, you will not receive your certificate and must retake the seminar.
  • You have to be present and participate in all the exercises and work with the partner or group that is assigned to you in your breakout room. If you leave your partner alone or do not participate in the exercises, you will be removed from the seminar.
  • You have to be awake during the seminar.
  • Keep your microphone in mute during the lectures. If you have questions, please use the chat.
  • The chat is only for class related subjects and not for personal subjects or promotion.
  • A Team Member or Teacher Assistant will be joining breakout rooms**** to ensure everyone is participating as well as observe students as they practice the different exercises.
  • Certificates are emailed at the end of the event, 1-3 days after the event.
  • A group picture will be taken on the last day of the event. Those who do not wish to be in the picture may turn their cameras off at this time.
  • You will be marked as IN-PERSON Instructor on WWW.THETAHEALING.COM 1-3 days after the completion of the seminar.
  • No playing on additional electronic devices (other than the computer you are participating from) will be allowed during the seminar, you may use them at lunch and break.
  • We suggest you have something ready to eat and drink for the pause. You can just turn your video off at this time so you don't have to join the meeting again. You must come back to class on time.
  • Demos will probably be chosen from the IN PERSON staff at the headquarters, but those online will still be included.




* To teach online seminars you must follow the specific online guidelines shared by tutorial upon registering to this teaching modality. You can register in your instructor profile once you complete your certification. You will find the details in your profile. 


** You can use this website https://www.timeanddate.com to find your local time. Remember class hours are Spain Peninsular time.


*** Participating means having your video on and sit in front of your camera; do all the exercises without leaving the meeting or your partner(s); attend class in a private space (not in the car, driving, in public spaces, moving around); follow all the class guidelines as if you were attending in person. Otherwise you may be removed from the event or asked to re-take the seminar. This means you will not receive your certificate and cannot teach until you re-take the seminar. There will be no refunds of any cost and you may have to pay an additional fee to re-take the seminar. Take it into consideration and participate!


**** Break Out rooms are the assigned spaces for your digging sessions and exercises with other participants. You must be present and do every exercises when assigned and you may see a staff member entering to monitor.