Importan Information in relation to Covid-19

the global situation is constantly changing du to the pandemic of Covid-19. We are doing our best to make sure this is an event safe and enjoyable for all participants. Thats why we have certain recommendations and regulations you must know and follow for the wellbeing of all. 

PCR- Covid test required to enter Spain

Before traveling to Spain verify the requirements to and from your country. this may vary. The government in Spain has announced that a up tp day PCR test for Covid might be required upon entry. 

Within the hotel

Our venue, hotel Meliá Lebreros implemented a profesional sanitizing process to guarantee cleanliness and safety in all areas and services provided by the hotel. 


It is importan to know that they ask for all the participants of the event to follow certain regulations. Mainly: 

  • Keep a safe distancing. Follow the signs provided in the hotel. 
  • Avoid congregations or groups of more than 4 peoples. 
  • Use face mask while moving in public areas like the lobby, toilets, waiting areas, etc. 

In Seville

It is important that you know the local regulations in Seville about the sanitary emergency established by the government. 


This regulations follow the policies applied by the Spanish Government and International Health Organizations to help stop the pandemic and keep you safe. 


This information may change as the situation evolves, so please keep informed, we are here to help if you have any questions. 


The Meliá hotel follows the local regulations and can call the authority in cases they seem fit. 

Here you can find more information in English, this is not an official government site, but it can give you an idea of what to expect

Within the conference room

We want to respect all ideologies and beliefs, so we kindly ask you to treat all the participants, students, coordinators, hotel staff and of course Vianna, Brandy and their family with respect and kindness. 


We also ask to follow the hotel  regulations, specially the social distance and the use of face masks in all common areas. To avoid any problems we suggest you also follow any government regulations during your stay in Seville. 


If you find yourself with any symptoms related to Covid-19, such as fever, please stay at home and seek professional medical assistance. If this means you cannot attend to or continue with the classes you registered to, please contact us via email and we will find a solution. 


Your health and that of all the participants is a priority. We will do our best to find a solution to each individual situation. Please read the terms and conditions below.

More Recommendations while in the conference room

It is important to wash your hands constantly and to use antibacterial gel before any physical contact with another person. Because of the current situation we ask that you have a verbal consent before touching (hand shakes, hugs, etc.) another person. 


Unless specifically instructed for a particular class exercise, please do not move the chairs, the hotel must follow safe distancing of 2 meters to avoid being shut down. 


Within all hotel areas, specially in common areas, it is mandatory to wear a face mask at all times. If for any reason you require a rest interval, please approach the coordination staff. They will informa you how you can do this. 


During the coffee breaks and lunch, please avoid forming big groups inside the hotel. The hotel staff is preparing a clean and safe way to serve food and beverages, while in line. please use your face mask and keep distance with other participants. The hotel will signal and show which areas we can use as part of the conference and might not be the same as guests, we kindly ask you to respect this. 

In case there are Stronger Travel Restrictions

At this time, the certification will be held in person only. 


In case the pandemic continues and the travel restriction are more severe, we have established some contingency plans that can ensure you get certified if you attend the event. The certification might continue in person, online or in a hybrid mode (online and in person). Each of theses formats have to be approved by THInK and will only take place if it is absolutely necessary.  In case this happens the event will be held as follows: 


Hybrid in person

Vianna y Brandy will teach in person in the conference room in Seville. Participants will be able to choose to be online or in person. Online will be monitored so please se the details for the online format. You cannot change from online to in person without giving previous notice to THInK and the Coordinators. 



Vianna y Brandy will teach live online from the headquarters in Montana. The live feed will be screened in the conference room in the venue in Seville. This setting requires all participants to attend the conference room to be present in the lessons and the exercises. If your country has a severe ban of travel that wont allow you to be present, the online alternative will be provided. 


Remote Hybrid 

Vianna y Brandy will teach live online from the headquarters in Montana. The live feed will be screened in the conference room in the venue in Seville. This setting gives you the option to choose between attending in person or online. In person all the recommendations for a safe space will be followed as stated by the hotel Meliá and Seville's City Hall. Social distancing and the use of face masks will be required. Coffee break and assistance will be provided in person.  



Vianna y Brandy will teach live online from the headquarters in Montana. All participants must ensure they have a good internet service, computer or adequate device with camera and microphone. We will have online monitors to help during lessons and exercises, the student must be present at all time with video camera on. 


To complete your certification

In all theses settings, the student must be present all time during class. In the event the certification is held online, you must have your video on and appear on screen. Under no circumstances the deposit fee or class fee are refundable as long as Vianna and/or Brandy teach the certification classes on the set dates and times, regardless of the format. The registration fee cannot be transferred to another location. 


In case of disease or extenuating circumstances, please contact us. We reserve the right to request personal information on regards of every individual situation to verify it's veracity and to offer an adequate solution to all. Please contact us via email, all the information is treated as confidential. If you are sick with or believe you are infected with covid, take the necessary precautions, stay at home. Your health comes first.

Quiénes somos

Coordinadores Profesionales de Eventos de ThetaHealing para Vianna Stibal y THInK en España.

C. E.C. de THInK en España 

(Coordinación de Eventos anteriores de Certificación de Instructores de ThetaHealing: Lindau, Alemania 2015; Valencia 2017, 2018 y 2019)



Profesional ThetaHealing Event Coordinators for Vianna Stibal & THInK in Spain.

THInK's C.E.C. in Spain 

(Previous ThetaHealing Instructors Event Coordination: Lindau, Germany 2015; Valencia, Spain 2017, 2018 & 2019)