Payment Details

LiveTheta is the coordinator of this event.

THInK is the Institute of Knowledge of ThetaHealing, main offices of Vianna Stibal.

It is necessary to make two payments, one to the coordinator (LiveTheta) and another to THInK


To clarify your doubts about the total amount of the investment or about the currency of the payments we have prepare the following section.  


Once you have completed the registration fee and THInK's fee you don't have to pay any percentage nor any annual/monthly fee to give the classes in which you certify.

How does my Investment works? What am I Paying? 

The total amount of the investment for each seminar is divided in two payments:

  1. The first payment (payment 1) covers the coordination and registration to the event. It is made in Euros and you must pay it directly to the Coordinator LiveTheta. You may consult prices and availability at the registration section.
  2. The second payment (payment 2) covers the cost of the class. It is made in American Dolars and it's paid directly to THInK. Once you complete your registration payment your assistance to the class is confirmed. You will receive an e-mail with a link to pay thru Paypal THInK's Fee.  If you require a payment plan you may ask for it directly to THInK once your registration payment is completed. 

No cash payments allowed. 

To enter any of the classes it is necessary to complete the investment payments  100%. This means you have to complete payment 1 (LiveTheta) and payment 2 (THInK).


Can I pay with credit card?

 The registration fee can only be paid with PayPal or Bank Transfer. To register and pay Click here


THInK's payment should preferably be made with PayPal. If you require to pay with credit card you can do so only during the  Pre-registration or at the Registration of each class with your registration fee already completed.



For the transaction to be successful you must call your bank in advanced and authorized THInK to charge your account the amount corresponding to the number of seminars you're attending. This pre-authorization is necessary due to banking security, the charge is made in the US and it is very common that banks block the transaction to avoid fraud. In case your card rejects the payment you will not be able to enter class. Avoid having trouble with your payment calling your bank in advanced to authorized the transaction. The transaction cannot be made with debit cards.


Can I pay with a Bank Transfer?

You must ask for the bank transfer's information and make the transaction 10 working days prior to the beginning of class.

To receive the bank transfer information for the registration fee register thru this site Clik here and choose that payment method on your shopping cart.

To receive the bank transfer information for THInK's fee send an e-mail to 

Don't forget to make the transaction 10 working days prior to the beginning of class!


Do I have to pay for each class I give?

 Once you finish your certification seminar and complete all your payments, you may begin to teach ThetaHealing. You do not have to pay any other fee, not to your instructor not to THInK for any given class. Every 4 years you must re-certify to keep your information updated. You will be offer a special recertification fee or the possibility to be a Teacher's Assistant in any of the classes Vianna gives around the world. For more details, when the time comes, you can sen an  email to


Basic DNA Instructor 

Registration fee* €440 +

Cuota THInK $1,100 USD


*This is what you can pay on this site. 

Advanced DNA Instructor

Registration Fee* €410 +

THInK's Fee $1,000 USD

*This is what you can pay on this site. 


Indagación Profunda Instructor

Registration Fee* €280 +

THInK's Fee $800 USD

*This is what you can pay on this site.